20db fekete nyomógombos mini kapcsoló 6A-10A 110V 250V KCD1-101 2pin rögzítő be- és kikapcsoló billenőkapcsoló COD

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      Κριτικές πελατών

      Ερωτήσεις πελατών ως

      This warranty and return policy are only available for the sub categories of Arduino Compatible SCM & DIY Kits, 3D Printer & Supplies, Electronic Accessories & Gadgets.

      Within 180 days

      If there are any product quality problems which are not caused by artificial factors such as dis-assembly, misuse, drops or falls, water damage, unofficial firmwares, software modifications or any others causes of damage, we will cover the return shipping fees based on the shipping receipt you will provide only if these charges are worth less than US$40. 

      If the damage is related to the screen, this situation should not be considered to be included in the scope of this warranty.

      If the damage is caused by you, and isn't related to any product quality problem, you're still able to send it back for repairing. However, you are responsible for paying the return shipping fees and the repair fees. If there any further costs occur during the return or repair process, we will ask you to take responsibility for those as well.

      We will send you a bill showing all the charges we have to pay before sending it back to you.

      After 180 days from shipment

      All warranty requests will be rejected after 180 days from shipment.(3D printers and ebook readers have a warranty term of 1 year)

      Return Policy

      DOA (Dead on arrival) items

      If the product (except for DIY kits) has arrived broken, please contact us within 3 days from the day you received it and then follow the 3 Days Product Guarantee.

      About unsatisfactory products

      If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 3 days from its delivery date to receive a refund of your purchase minus the shipping fees or an exchange. You will have to pay the shipping fees both ways if the reason is not related to our mistake. Please ensure to return the item with its original packaging and in the same conditions in which you received it.

      3D printer problem

      If your 3D printer turns out to be defective, please provide us with the following info:

      • Product ID number;
      • Order number;
      • Some photos, a video or a screenshot of the problem;
      • Description of the problem;

      Your 3D Printer still works correctly:

      There are lots of parts included in the package. If any parts have arrived damaged, please contact us to resend you those parts. If you're able to buy them in your country, please let us know and we will refund you the cost.

      Your 3D Printer isn't working correctly:

      Within the first year after purchasing, we offer free maintenance in case of quality problems (except for damage caused by incorrect use of the device. Please note that in case the damage is caused by using the machine, freight for repairing the device is required.

      If quality problems occur within 45 days after receiving it, it is possible to get you a new machine.

      If you dislike the item, you're free to send it back within 3 days after receiving it for a refund. You will be responsible for the shipping costs, and need to ensure that the returned product isn't damaged in any single way, and includes all original items in good condition.

      E-Book reader problem

      If your e-reader is not working correctly, please send us the following info:

      • Product ID number;
      • Order number;
      • Some photos, a video or a screenshot of the problem;
      • Description of the problem;

      Within one year of free maintenance of quality problems (except for screen damage), except for personal damage (such as personal damage maintenance is required to bear the freight).

      Products with quality problems declared to us within 45 days after delivery can be exchanged for a new device (except cases of personal damage and any screen related problem).

      Screen damage is considered as personal damage. Customers are responsible for the maintenance (screen change) fee and bear the freight.

      As e-readers are high value products, it is recommended that customers have a certain knowledge about the use of e-raders. If this product isn't what you expected, feel free to send it back to us according to the terms written down in the 'Unsatisfied with product' section above.


      • 1. Please read the descriptions carefully and clearly before purchasing. If the descriptions are not clear enough, please feel free to contact us.
      • 2. This category (Arduino SCM & 3D Printer Acc) includes many DIY kits, and we can not assist you completely in case the damage is caused by incorrect welding, construction, or any other circuit issues.
      • 3. If you find the product is damaged, please do not disassemble it yourself (such as e-books, programmers, signal logic analyzers and other pre-built items), since this may affect your return request.

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      Χρόνος επεξεργασίας: Ο χρόνος που απαιτείται για την προετοιμασία των αντικειμένων σας για αποστολή από την αποθήκη μας. Αυτό περιλαμβάνει την προετοιμασία των αντικειμένων σας, την εκτέλεση ποιοτικών ελέγχων και τη συσκευασία για αποστολή.
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      *Προς το παρόν προσφέρουμε πληρωμές COD για Σαουδική Αραβία, Ηνωμένα Αραβικά Εμιράτα, Κουβέιτ, Ομάν, Μπαχρέιν, Κατάρ, Ταϊλάνδη, Σιγκαπούρη, Μαλαισία, Φιλιππίνες, Ινδονησία, Βιετνάμ, Ινδία. Θα στείλουμε έναν κωδικό επιβεβαίωσης στο κινητό σας τηλέφωνο για να επαληθεύσουμε ότι τα στοιχεία επικοινωνίας σας είναι σωστά. Βεβαιωθείτε ότι ακολουθείτε όλες τις οδηγίες που περιέχονται στο μήνυμα.
      *Η πληρωμή με δόση (πιστωτική κάρτα) ή το Boleto Bancário είναι διαθέσιμη μόνο για παραγγελίες με διευθύνσεις αποστολής στη Βραζιλία.

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